Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Dental Implants is the best solution to replace missing tooth/teeth

If the tooth/teeth loss from it's socket, it should replace immediately. Why, because tooth function is not for mastication and make you eat junk food only. Tooth has many function in our mouth to support our mouth health and health by overall.

Dental Implants is now takes a role as a part of conventional dental treatment. Most of missing tooth/teeth is restore with dental implants which function as an anchorage for dental porcelain crown.

Why Dental Implants is the best solution?

Because Dental Implants is the best impersonization to tooth. Tooth/teeth has crown and root, so is implant.

"The Picture says a thousand words" . The picture on a right side (belongs to tell us the comparison of dental implants and original tooth/teeth.

So, if you're interested to ask about dental implants, you can call us by phone or e-mail. Thanks